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We have some news for you that we are pretty excited about! You now have the opportunity to buy music from The Quik Beats at all reputable outlets (and some not so reputable). Checkout The Quik Beats on Amazon and iTunes or click on the links at the bottom of this post.

In addition to this we now have available a limited edition 7″ Vinyl EP!

Its a double ‘A’ side, the EP ‘Get Carter’ is The Quik Beat’s first commercial release and features live studio recordings that reflect the band’s stage performances.

The title track is a reinterpretation of the evocative Roy Budd film score that provided the brooding theme for the cult classic movie of the same name, whilst the flip side features two tracks, the classic blues tune ‘Dimples’ and ’Sorry’ a song originally released by The Easybeats in the 60s.

‘Get Carter‘ is a six-minute instrumental that builds from the intro’s haunting initial theme to a crescendo of powerful Hammond and guitar solos driven by a frenetic virtuoso drum-beat.

The Quik Beat’s version of Dimples is based upon a fragment of soundtrack from another cult classic film, Quadrophenia. In the film the action cuts from a nightclub scene just as the house band (Cross Section) strike up the tune. When the soundtrack album for the film was released a full version of the 30 second snippet did not feature, prompting a generation of mods to search in vain for a recording of this distinctive version of the tune.

‘Sorry’ is a lesser known tune which Australian band The Easybeats took to number one in their home country immediately prior to making the big time with the world-wide hit ‘Friday On My Mind’ in 1966. More recently the song has become staple of The Quik’s live shows where its driving guitar riff has made it a firm favourite with audiences.

Mixed and produced at Univibe Studio’s in Birmingham the EP was subsequently mastered for vinyl at Abbey Road studios in London by legendary engineer Geoff Pesche. The 7” vinyl, will be available through this website, has been produced in a short run ‘limited edition’ and will not be repressed.

Click here to purchase from iTunes

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Click here to purchase the Vinyl EP

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