The Quik Beats

The Quik Beats

The Quik Beats are a Hammond organ-driven five-piece band who deliver an upbeat tribute to iconic Soul and R&B music. The band draws its repertoire from the music made famous by the great US and Northern Soul artists as well as the cream of classic home-grown R&B acts. Majoring on high quality vocals and virtuoso musicianship, their show has become a firm favourite at festivals, theatres, rallies and the best live music venues across the Midlands and beyond.

The Quik Beats’ goal is authenticity, from the choice of their instruments through to their on-stage presentation. If you see the band live, this eye for detail will be immediately obvious and you’re assured an eclectic mix of familiar and rediscovered danceable classics. From sixties soul, to Northern soul, to the very best of soul inspired British R&B. If you book the band for your venue, you will be guaranteed a professional touring-level group of experienced live players, focused entirely on satisfying your audience.

The band has a range of headline and combination packages for all sizes of professional venue, from smaller clubs to large seated theatres. Visit the booking page for technical information, venue posters and booking checklists.


Meet the Band

Each member of the band is accomplished and entirely focused on recreating the authentic live experience of hard working music performers. The effort they put into their individual performances and into creating a show that audiences will remember is obvious at every gig.

Mark on Vocals

Inspired by the great soul and northern soul acts of the 1960’s, Mark brings with him powerful and authentic renditions of classic tracks to every Quik…
Arty - The Quik Beats Bass

Arty on Bass

Whether he’s playing his Ric’ or his hot-rod red Fender Jaguar, Arty provides the foundation to The Quik Beat’s sound. Having left 25 years of playing…
Nick - The Quik Beats Organ

Nick on Organ

Through a grueling schedule of gigs and album sessions, Nick has built up a reputation as one of the most authentic and energetic Hammond Organ players…
Sam - The Quik Beats Guitar

Sam on Guitar

Sammy C is The Quik Beat’s guitar player and has an obsessive approach to tone that help the band deliver the genuine sounds of the sixties.…

JTM on Drums

Joining us from international touring bands, JTM has honed his straight ahead soul beat by performing extensively over the last 30 years. A former bass player…

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