Hi folks,

We at Quik HQ are working hard to get more songs for you to listen to in the New Year. We have a busy backend of the year too and a busy New Years Eve (all tickets were sold by August unfortunately). We are working on at least 8 new tracks for the first quarter of 2014 but you know us, we will never stop, there’s more in the queue already! The hardest part is getting it just right, some songs come together quite quikly like recent addition “Wipe Out” and other tunes like “Pleasant Valley Sunday” ,that got it’s first outing last weekend, we have been working on for 4 months. Its important for us to get it right the first time they are heard.

We have some lovely ideas for 2014 and a few very large gigs that we will be going on endlessly about from January and we hope that you will be able to continue to support us next year, as you have been absolutely amazing this year, in fact we couldn’t believe it when our Facebook Page ‘likes’ went over 2000 last week. We popped out on the scoots to get our photo taken for the occasion.

We have been busy gigging too and last weekend we played for El Bastardo’s Scooter Club who made us feel so welcome at their venue in Gornal, Dudley. It was good to see a few friends too who had made the trip out to see us. Think it went quite well! Speak soon,



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