Morning all,

Hope you have a great weekend? The weather was fine, hot in places but now back down with a bump with some overly wet rain! Anyway, this Saturday saw The Quik playing a new venue called the Stag in Stourport. It’s a cosy venue to say the least but Steve the owner is the real deal and he very much cares about the music that he provides on a Saturday night and this was the main reason that we wanted the opportunity to play for him. We had tried to get in here before but the venue had been booked full months in advance but when a local band let them down we were offered the gig.

Which we had to refuse! We were already booked to play at Watercress Harry’s in Kettering on that night but when the promoter called to say that there had been a double-booking and that we were to lose out we immediately got back to the Stag to see if the booking was still open – it was.

First time at a new venue (not for me, I had played this gig around 8/10 times in a previous life) we arrived early. I arrived first, met Steve, got the power in the right place and set my gear up so that I had spare hands for when the PA came. Arriving in a lovely new van and after a little dismay at the cosiness of the performance area we managed to get it all up and working quite nicely. 00Dino was able to forgo his drum stool for the snug bench and a cushion meaning that the kit could move right to the back of the performance area and creating a luxurious space for the rest of the band to stroll in and out of.


PA behind me, the way I like it – so that if anyone indicates I can twiddle for them – the sound check was good.

The place was quiet but then the 21:15 magic hadn’t happened. It’s a social pub with a good audience and they know when the entertainment starts. A magical thing happens at 21:15 when 30 people arrive in the space of two minutes, it’s always been the same.

Anyway, the audience were either expecting a different band or no band at all so they had taken a chance on some entertainment that we had to deliver on, for them, the pub and for Steve. Something that we did pretty well I think. The audience kept coming and importantly they stayed!

The set is getting slicker with new boy 00Dino taking control of the rhythm and the sound improved not only by his crazy drum space gel but also by Tony G’s lovely recent addition to his guitar amp family (his family is growing all-round) with the new baby Cornford which has a lovely tone. The only downside was the out-front the guitar sound was a little directional and said to be too quiet, we tried to remedy this through the PA (whacking his fader up up) on the fly after we found out. On stage it’s difficult to hear what effect that had on the out front sound as we have monitors and backline. The on-stage sound was pretty sweet actually with me using my new mixer to route my keys and vocals in and out separately allowing me to monitor and control my own vocals for the first time. Hopefully, improving them a little.

Getting changed in god’s dressing room again (the car park – we have had a lucky run of dressing rooms lately) we suited and booted and got ready for quite a hot evening, literally. With evening temperatures still touching 25 degrees it was going to be a sweaty performance. Stand-the-man ™ placed a bet on the person who could keep their suit on the longest and ironically was the first person to falter with I think Jeff, Tony and me managing to keep it on throughout both sets. For me it’s a good workout, and I need one of those once a week at least!

First set drinking and second set dancing and both sets delivered. Lots of dancing, some good tempos and quick changes into new songs and this little gig in Stourport went off a treat. Great atmosphere and a cool pub, if you’ve never been down here you must come down and support Steve and his micro-brewery – especially in the week – when you can get a table and enjoy the beer and even order yourself a takeaway!

At the stag the artists are presented with a Pork Pie at the end of the evening and as I may have said before in a previous band/blog the size of the pie increases depending on how good you have been and we must have been okay as we had tomato, onion AND salt and pepper so it felt good.


Great time had by all and the good news is that we will be returning to the venue I think on November 10th this year and a few times again in the next year.

It was good to see so many regular faces following us again and we thank you all. My ruthless segways into each song prompted me at one point to be accused of trying to kill the audience with their non-stop dancing but I was only trying to maim I promise! Old friend and promoter Stegga popped in to see the first half and booked us for a return gig at the Social Club in Harborne, Birmingham later in December so a productive night all round.

Thanks for coming folks, thanks Steve and See you next week in Lichfield!


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