Hi Folks,

The Quik have been working hard on new tunes these last few week. Hampered by StanTheMan’s major chest infection (which forced us to cancel the Katifitzgerald’s gig much to our regret) the Musicians have continued to meet accompanied by Stan when he felt well to work on some new tunes for the new year. We have seven new songs in the bag and we are working them up to scratch before we let you hear them. then its over to you to tell us if they are winners or not. If you like them we will play them for you and if they are not your favourite they will go into the song bank!

Great gig at O’niells last Friday by the way, good to see so many of you turning out for live music, you are the best!

Next up for us is Harborne Village Social Club in the West Midlands on the 22nd December and Stan is back baby!!

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