Good Morning Mods and Scooterists!

How are you all doing today?

Its been a more relaxed start to this year hasn’t it, good to relax once in a while. This for us has mainly been centered around our plan before Christmas to book in some space to work new songs into the set. Although we gig most weekends we also rehearse every week but getting songs up to the standard that you deserve to hear them takes time so this is what we have done. We have also spent a few months now buying a new full PA for the band and getting it ready for the (what is going to be an ) excellent gig in Mansfield on the 9th March (check the gig guide for detail).

So tonight will be spent getting our new PA up and running in a secret village hall location (no so secret if you are within 200 yards of it I guess) and making sure that all the bits work as they should. the new Pa is over 5 times more powerful than the current one but its not volume that we think you deserve but clarity and hopefully it will give us the ability to bring the vocals and harmonies home in a way that we have not been able to previously.

Lets see eh? see you in Mansfield!


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