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Quik Beats Update


Hi Folks, The Quik were fortunate enough to be asked to play the Moduska Festival last weekend and even more…
Quik Beats Update

The Quik Live!

We had a blast at Katiefitzgerald’s in Stourbridge the other week, what a lovely gig and a great crowd. All…
Quik Beats Update

Gearing Up

Good Morning Mods and Scooterists! How are you all doing today? Its been a more relaxed start to this year…
Quik Beats Update

Extreme Drumming

When all of us sensible types are wrapped up warm our boy Double-O Dino takes the opportunity to investigate the dangerous sport…
Quik Beats Update

New Tunes

Hi Folks, The Quik have been working hard on new tunes these last few week. Hampered by StanTheMan’s major chest…

Poor Mod

Hi guys, Unfortunately we have had to cancel this weeks gig in Stourbridge as Stan The Man has got a…